Classical Morning Menu - US Art & Literature FULL YEAR

Fill your mornings with truth, beauty, and goodness!

Classical Morning Menus are filled with 22 beautiful content pages to bring rhythm to your homeschool day. Serve your children a feast of truth, beauty and goodness with affirmations, Scripture, poetry, and artwork.  Place these pages in your morning basket for circle time/morning time. They're as simple as open and read/sing/discuss, so you can easily form a great homeschool morning routine--with no prep!  This Classical Menu Series focuses on U. S. Art and Literature. Therefore, it aligns well with Classical Conversations Cycle 3. This product is not associated or connected with Classical Conversations.  To avoid copyright infringement, I could not feature the exact artists/authors in the CC Curriculum. However, the selections lend well to comparing and contrasting with the CC selections. Bible passages are from the King James Version. 

In this FULL YEAR Classical Morning Menu - US Art & Literature Edition your family will enjoy: 

  • Charlotte Mason Affirmations with Scripture verses
  • Charlotte Masson Affirmations blank (fill in with your own family statements and verses!)
  • John 1:1-14 - An expanded selection from the Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Bible Memory.
  • John 1:1-7 in Latin
  • 9 poems by American writers - plus a brief bio and connection point
  • 9 paintings by American artists - plus a brief bio and connection point
  • How to Use tips page
  • Picture Study tips and questions page
  • Decorative Cover

**The images above do not show all 24 pages, just samples of each kind of page.

-->>Please NOTE: This is a PDF digital file product ONLY. You will NOT receive the plastic menu cover or anything pictured in "lifestyle" photos.

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